Do you control at your local airport?

I am proud to present the polls again! :P

Anyways, title says it all.

  • Yes, I love controlling at my local airport! I don’t do it all the time, but sometimes I do.
  • No, I don’t control at my local airport, and I will never do it!

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I sometimes control KJFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport)

I’m sad. My local airport isn’t in IF


What airport?

My local airport is not in IF.

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You should make a 3rd poll saying `My airport is not in IF´.

KMDT (Harrisburg Intl. Class C)

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Can you add an option? “My local airport is not in IF”


I love controlling at JFK, but theres almost never anyone flying there since you cant really fly any good routes in the region 😞

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LIPZ/VCE is not featured in IF :/

LBA/EGNM is not in IF. The closest airport in IF is Nottingham but that’s tiny so it’d have to be East Midlands. I’ve controlled there a bit but not much.

I’m trying, keeps saying "Can’t add or remove poll options in the first five minutes.

My closest is EGNX/EMA, but i don’t control there as i don’t get the traffic on PG.

EGNX is a nice airport. I try to control here to build up traffic because it’s fairly busy in real life

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We only get Ryanair and some Holiday LCCs in the day, but at night lots of the cargo aircraft show up. Looking forward to the day I finally get IFATC so I can control there and get traffic.


Well wich is most papular and full of people airport in IF?

You’ll see me at WSSS all the time because I’m a true red Singaporean :)

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Yeah me too! Mine is Toronto Pearson Intl’l :(

JFK and LGA rarely get traffic (And for good reason)