Do you avoid flying over cities like in real life in Infinite Flight ?

Hello all.
In real life, planes avoid flying over cities during takeoff to protect people from planes noises.
But in Infinite Flight, did you do this ?

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I Always follow SID/STARS. Simple as that


Absolutely don’t care about people in Infinite Flight. Because all is flattened like after a world wide nuclear war. 😉


I do, like the unique approach to NZQN and you follow the river to avoid terrain and hotels, and towards KDCA to avoid restricted airspaces left and right (or risk getting escorted or even shot down by F-16s).

What’s also exciting are finding on some Airport Plates, the different departure/ approach procedures above populated areas based on time of day, then changing your original plans to suit those requirements. They just add to your skills so they’re cool.


Sometimes but depends if I can be bothered!

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I try to follow STARS which will guide you the right way. For some airports you simply need to fly over cities, in that case it’s not a problem and you can’t avoid it.

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SID routings for LHR. 😉

I try to follow SIDs and STARs where possible, which I find usually incorporate noise consideration and reduction procedures into them.



This is the best explanation I’ve seen yet. 10/10


I will usually try to replicate STARs/ SIDs unless there are specific instructions from ATC for str out dep and APPR controller


what I like about flying is that you just can go over it instead of avoiding it :p
so no I dont do it haha

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In IF, most people use the fastest route; not the realistic route.

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