Do you always have to have 3 digits for airline callsign numbers?

When I was flying from EPWA-KORD, I didn’t help but notice that my flight is identified with a single digit number: Lot 3…
I wanted to know if it is more realistic to have two zeros in front of the 3 like (Lot 003) or just leave it as is (Lot 3)…

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I’d personally leave it as is.

Edit: The real world flight’s callsign is LOT 3.


Oh, I used that too lol

I just found the real world flight number (like @Thunderbolt said) and used that with no zeros

Well there we are, thank you for the help @thunderbolt… I like having my callsigns as realistic as possible 🙏

It seems that this depends on the airline as here it is as Thunderbolt said and only LOT 3 is used according to FR24, while at other airlines (like Lufthansa) its three digits minimum except for codes that include letters as far as I am aware.

Flightradar24 is an excellent source for this kind of information:

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