Do You Always Finish Your Flights?

Hello IFC!

With the holidays here, many of us on the IFC are probably eager to get on the sim and fly our favorite routes, especially with the recent addition of the A350s. I was also very excited to start winter break here in the US with some flying in the A350. In fact, I have a whole list of routes ready that I want to fly with more than 30+ liveries on the a350.

However, recently, I have had what some call a “dry spell” which is a time period characterized by a lack of productivity. Applying this to IF, essentially, I am starting dozens of flights but somehow can’t seem to finish majority of them due to various issues, from everything like stalling mid flight, app crashes, WiFi bugs, and yes, even the occasional over-sleeping. In fact, just this past weak, I have began and took-off more than 10 separate flights in the a350, and I have only successfully landed 3 of those.

My question is very simple: have you ever had this happen to you?

  • YES: I have experienced this
  • NO: I always finish my flights, no problem

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If yes, how do you feel about it:

  • INDIFFERENT: It’s okay and move on
  • ANNOYED: all my hard work and time was wasted
  • HAPPY: I hate flying and I like to crash

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NOTE: this is NOT a tech issue, or a help thread to try and correct any of my issues, I just wanted to know if this experience is common among the IFC.

Feel free to comment about your experiences with this!

Thanks, safe flying, and happy holidays! 🎄🎅🏻

This problem is occurring to many member of the IFC and you will get help from a moderator if you contact one of them. There are solutions to solve this problem like restarting the app or redownloading it.

The OP isn’t asking for help regarding App Crash and other bugs and issues in IF, but whether or not us Pilots ever find that a flight we started, is never finished properly, due to App Crash, Being Too Lazy To Land, or The Plane Crashing.

He is basically, wanting to know, do we other Pilots beside him, ever have a flight unfinished due to the reasons above or any other that are not mentioned for that matter.

The only issue I ever had was the black scenery and ended up falling into the void which happened nearly a year ago. Since then I’ve never had a problem. My device is powerful and can easily run IF with top graphics so I don’t have issues with freezing, crashing etc.

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