Do you always depart from your last landing?

Here’s a log of every consecutive flight I’ve done for a period of time a while ago. I thought about making a topic aboout it but I decided to leave it.

I actually wanted to try that for a while and now is an excellent time to start. Let’s see how long I’ll follow that rule. My first flight now is from DNMM to GOBD. And my next flight will start in GOBD again.


Very rarely. I usually do flights all over the world. If I’m doing another flight after I have arrived, I’m most likely ending the flight and going somewhere else on the planet.

Hey Jack. GAF operates on a similar platform which we call “career mode”. In a short summary, pilots start with GAF by simulating their departure from home (nearest civilian airport) and fly to KRND if in the US to attend Undergraduate Pilot Training and once complete, fly to advanced flight training. All flights are from the place you last landed and our staff is composed of current and former real life USAF and RAF personnel. Have a look on the link below if it’s something you’re interested in. We’re always looking for new talent to join our Global Air Force IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”



Thank You for the very kind invitation Art! I surely know you guys need no introduction. This kinda sounds up my alley I will check it out and let you guys know . Cheers !


In GAF you always are in career mode; take off from where you land. I also do multiple flights in IFAE where I take off where I land only in the same AC till I get back to home base. so currently I have one flight going on around Africa and another around China, Russia and Mongolia. I change continents when I get back to home base.
Exceptions are IFAE event or FNF or if there is severe weather or maybe an airport glitch that makes flying a challenge.
As you can guess by now, I fly a lot lol

What AC are you going to fly from LFPG to VNLK?

Because I’m Going Around The World, I always take off from where I left off.

I started yesterday and I’ve done 6 flights so far. Flights I’d have never done without that system. Last week, if I wanted to fly at the featured airport of the week, I’d just have spawned there. Now I have to fly there from Chicago because that’s where I last landed. Beautiful route, Chicago - Las Vegas.

So far I did Lagos - Dakar, Dakar - Washington, Washington - Nashville, Nashville - Kansas City, Kansas City - Chicago, and now I’m approaching Las Vegas.

I try to always fly realistic routes as well that exists in real life. Let’s see how long I can keep this up. It’s very interesting and a new challenge. Worth to give it a try at least!

What app is that?

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Pin Drop. I have only filled it with my recent flights, but here’s what it looks like in the U.S


Yes, I start doing that since the third flight more or less… It makes If more realism and just I do it when I make flights with companies.

So, yeah if i have intention to do so, my last journeys stopped at KSEA (i think).

Previously depart from Brisbane (YBBN) then continues KLAX (as Velocity 7), and… KLAX-KMSY with Spirit A320, then KMSY-KEWR United 737-900 ,

KEWR-KORD (i think) A320 UAL … Then KORD-KLAS (if i not wrong) … Sorry im a bit forgot because i did this last end of the year 2018 😁

Demetrius, this is a bit off-topic what you’re posting.

This is not about the last airport you flew to or the next airport you’re going to fly to. This topic is about whether you always start your flight from where you ended the last one. 😊

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All the topic requires is a simple “yes” or “no” and maybe an explanation :)

I deleted the posts ok

I go with what I’m feeling that day. Sometimes I just stay in the app wait a bit and depart from where I landed. Although, I fly everywhere and don’t fly out of the same airport I landed at previously here and there.

I always try to when I am flying with a VA as it is more realistic and is sort of like a ‘Career Mode’ sort of thing.

When flying just normally, I will ususally just fly where IFATC is open, if I’m not controlling.

I do it as frequently as possible, but when there an FNF in the US and your in Hong Kong and you have to do homework and meteorological decoding stuff, I normally do a teleport.

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