Do you agree with flying cars open to the general public?

Just wanted to know what the Infinite Flight Community thinks about this. So as you may or may not known, there are a lot of companies developing flying cars, I still don’t know if the driver will need some sort of license to fly a car, but if it isn’t needed then I think it is just a bad idea, if there are already a lot of incidents between drones and aircraft, flying cars and aircraft will definitely be worse. I think we should stick with normal cars instead of flying cars. Do you think the public should have access to flying cars?

Tell me your opinions about flying cars and if they should or shouldn’t enter the market.

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Could you provide a link supporting this? I haven’t seen any flying cars in the news and I’d certainly be interested to read about them.

Isn’t having a flying car going to cost almost the same as having your own private plane anyway? You’d have to pay for fuel and many more essential things.

I think it’s dumb and silly in my eyes. People moan about having planes so imagine millions of cars in the skies above Britain. Yeah great idea 🙄. Same as self driving cars, I think it’s pointless.


(Deliveries Begin Next Year)

People are saying that these would be a huge help to firefighters and paramedics when responding/transporting to a call. Which in that case, I am 100% in support for this!


Yes, for medical and firefighter support it would make sense, but for a normal person to have a flying car and flying it near airports would not be a great idea.


I’ve been a fan of what AeroMobil has been coming up with.

But the general public should definetly not have access to pilot that.


Well yeah. But once everyone has flying cars, who needs planes?

It’s the apocalypse.


People would need planes for long distances and for other flights aswell.


Yeah, but as flying cars evolve. They might be able to start doing those long haul flights.

I don’t think that each and every family will have a flying car in the future. It would be a mess and way to dangerous even if the cars would fly automatically.

What’s more realistic though is the usage of UAV in the field of search and rescue. Drones equipped with fire fighting equipment or with a defibrillator seem to be quite realistic. What’s also imaginable is the usage of improved Ultralights which will bring paramedics faster to the patient.

In the field of public transportation I think that projects like Hyperloop are more realistic. In communal transport we’ll see Improved ground transport as well. Air transport is to inefficient if you want to transport large numbers of people on short distances within a city.

I dont think that this is a good idea at all, because to fly these cars you would need more preparation, and as that cars wouldnt be necessarily cheap, the demand would probably be low. Its just simpler and cheaper (in short time) to build railroads or to use a simple car, not to mention that it would be kind of a chaos.

You really want to go on a long haul flight in a flying Fiat Punto?


I dont think so that will ever be Possible, Maybe There will be some “Highways” For those Cars but i really dont now how you want to controll millions or billions of cars. If they could fly however they would like to.

I think on paper its a good idea but in practice, unless you make them drones, it won’t end well. Imagine all the new licenses you would have to get to fly them and the money required to get those license when you could just go and buy something like a Tesla which looks cool, uses existing infrastructure and is environmentally friendly. Plus its Elon Musk, if he can send a Tesla to mars on a rocket that lands itself I trust him to make a car.

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I a, very excited about flying cars, my favirote in development is the Terefuga tf-X.

Here’s the video The Terrafugia TF-X™ - YouTube

“Flying Cars” already sort of exist. Helicopters, Cessna 172s, Piper Warriors, etc… they’re all, in essence, flying cars.

While I do believe they’ll be more available at a cheaper price eventually (though it may be quite a while until we get there), the amount of legislation and regulation that will need to be implemented will be soooo outrageous, it wouldn’t make any difference to get your PPL. The idea that someone can just take a short class, pass an easy test at the DMV, and take a car up into the air is too surreal and highly unlikely. There’s really no difference between the proposed idea and current small airplanes.

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No its the Aeropocalypse

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I think there is definitely a niche for first responders, emergency service and military / security applications. And it’s probably a very profitable niche too.

But when the average citizen can buy a brand new cheap car (Dacia Sandero) for £6000 (~$8500) why would they even consider one of these ugly, impractical flying “cars” which cost 20x the price?

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Anyone who drives a flying car shall not bear the name “aviator”. Period.


I can see this happening in the next 100 years like a scene from the Jetsons , however it’s scary enough here where I live with cars in general and crazy drivers here in my State of Michigan! Especially in the winter .