Do y'all fly to non 3D airports?

At first I didn’t care too much. That completely changed when I became an editor and eventually a reviewer - Now I don’t just fly to any 3D airport, but those that are up to standard. This means that many airports released in 2021 will not be considered. Realistically layered buildings and updated layout is what I’m looking for now.
That’s part of the reason why I attach great importance to quality control of Project China and do some housekeeping work often.


Yeh, i fly to narita occasionally

yep kmsp mostly

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I fly to KSTC and KMSP, I love those airports. I fly into KSTC a lot in RL, amazing airport!

Generally I try to avoid 2D airports when planning routes to do. 3D airports are quite an important factor I consider, but if the airports are 2D and I really wanna fly the route, I won’t say no.

I try to avoid non-3D airports, but if there is ATC there, then I might go.

I fly to non-3D airports as often as to 3D airports. I don’t mind flying to non 3D airports, maybe I’m just used to 2D airports I guess.


Used to but now I prefer flying into 3D airports

And we can’t really fly out of AFW because there’s no cargo planes in IF that flies in AFW!

Not really. I actually was planning a flighg from EGGP to LGAI because of the ATC but then realised LTAI was 2D and lost motivation

I just usually fly FedEx 777 and MD-11 out of AFW

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I fly out of non 3d airports pretty feequently

I fly to 2D all the time! I guess I didn’t even realize thats what 2D and 3D meant on the airports :D I just find it harder to park at the ones without buildings (2D I guess lol) from pilot view ;)

Surely 3D Airports look better and more realistic but I still fly to some 2D Airports, but not so often.

Yeah I only do the MD-11 for FedEx out of AFW, only 777 FedEx I’ve seen fly out of that area is at KDFW so I just stick to that

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I’m broke and I have no friends so I fly on solo and I don’t have that much 3D airports so I’m restrained to flying to SFO, LAX, San Diego and other airports in Europe, South America and yeah

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Is anyone open to a flyout from KSTC to KJAC or KDYT?

This might be in the wrong topic. Try making an Event Post.

No, I meant to do it here. The reason why, is because this thread likes and wants to fly in and out of non- 3D airports, so I just wanted to see how much interest people had in a flight, before I put time into making a post about it.
Hope that makes sense.

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