Do we need a 757 MAX?

The 757, arguably the most attractive airliner ever produced. It is also arguably the most underrated aircraft of its time with over 1,000 of the type built over 20 years. In my ongoing series in exploring airliners and annoying crazy Texans, we look at the Boeing 757, the thin narrowbody jetliner that started off a revolution.

The 757 is a legendary aircraft, it was built in the '80s and is still used today. However, as much as it is a brilliant aircraft it’s getting old. The newest 757 rolled off the production line in 2004, 16 years ago while American Airlines, a major operator of the type has 757’s approaching their 27th birthday. It’s fair to say that the 757 is a good airliner but won’t be around for many more decades. The problem, airlines need a replacement to put on their medium to long-range skinny routes, say Reykjavík to Washington D.C or Washington D.C to London. They aren’t really long routes with not a lot of demand so a lot of airlines use their ageing 757’s on the route but what about when the 757’s need to be retired?

Right now Boeing has no replacement 757 aircraft flying. The now-notorious 737 MAX 10 is the closest they’ve got, it holds 204 passengers (2 class config) with a 6,110km range for you Americans that’s 8,987 hot dogs side by side while the 757-300 holds 243 passengers (2 class config) and has a range of 6,295km. And sure that doesn’t sound like much but consider the original 757 has a range of over 7,200km, it’s hard not to see the difference. Airbus meanwhile has a challenger to the 757. Their A321LR aircraft holds 206 passengers (2 class config) and has a range of 7,400km, 6 more seats and 150km better range than the 757-200, it’s also a lot more efficient. It’s Boeing’s move and it’s not like they are going to sell their 737 MAX 10 as a true competitor, their new mid-sized aircraft plans are underway although due the MAX grounding it seems as though the NMA has been bumped down the list with Boeing preferring to get the crash ridden 737 MAX back into the skies first. The NMA is planned to be a 7 abreast twin isle while being a cross between the 757 and the 767, it is planned to seat between 225 and 275 passengers while having a range between 8,300km and 9,300km but there’s another option.

Why doesn’t Boeing just reuse the 757 design and upgrade it with modern technologies? The design hasn’t been overused and it’s easier to build than a new clean-sheet design. I personally think they need an aircraft now and they should use the 757 and enhance it. Boeing is losing the market share to Airbus and they urgently need to gain it back for their sake. What do you think?

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This video perfectly explains why it’s not a great idea:


Isn’t the 737 max 10 close to that

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I do think, the 737 Max is Replacement of 757

I would love it if Boeing made a 757 max but i dont think it will happen because of their 737 Max crashes:(

They threw away the tooling for the 757 some years ago. It’s dead, done for.

It’ll be a clean sheet design next.

The 757 airframe was designed in the late 1980s, re-engining an aircraft which is already so old, as well as building up production lines which were formerly discontinued in 2004, just seems like an unrealistic option for Boeing.

Too costly for too little gain, but nope. Make a whole new airframe, it will cost more, but not insanely more for what is to gain…

Yes we do, no questions asked

Yesh i believe you mean 737 max

Not gonna lie, I don’t think they would name it “MAX.” I think it would either be the 757-8 or the 757-9. Or they might come up with a new name. I think the term MAX will have people worried due to the crashes.

Not a bad idea. It could follow in the footsteps of the 757 by having commonality with the 787, but with optimised performance for short haul routes(can’t be as overpowered as the current 757).

I thought Boeing was designing the 797NMA to be the perfect 757 successor

757X would be the greatest thing in the world. It still doesn’t have a true replacement and the 797 wouldn’t be a true successor as it will be a twin aisle which the 757 was not.

It also operates routes like DCA-PHX, DCA-DEN, DCA-LAX, and IAD-DUB


If a 757MAX is ever created - we won’t see it in IF until at least the year 2100



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