Do we have this aircraft in IF?

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We do not have that classic aircraft in Infinite Flight, haha!

This aircraft//aerocycle is shown on LiveFlight when LiveFlight does not recognise what aircraft the user is flying.



No, that is generally either a glitch in the tracker or a member of the development team testing or developing a new aircraft I believe.

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Oh, I see.
Thank you.

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Really? This is so many.

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Hello, try restarting your app, browser and see if that solves it!

Yes, I read about it in another thread, it may just be an issue with the recognition of the live flight tracker

I see my self In the radar. 👀

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I believe it’s the Nordwind 772, LiveFlight hasn’t updated that yet.


It’s nothing to do with the app or your browser. It’s showing that because liveflight doesn’t recognise the aircraft, it’s nothing on your side.

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umm no, imagine if there was