Do we have a server issue at the moment?

Is it possible that we have an issue at the moment.

I keep getting the " loading" since over an hour now. Have checked internet…ok. Have closed and restarted app about 10 times. "Loading"keeps coming and nothing else.

Anybody else experiencing the same at the moment , or is it just me?




Nope, probably just you

Yeah I’m getting this aswell.

Try changing the server to something different and then back to TS

Same problem for me. Restarted device, reset internet, reinstalled app. Same problem, happening on all servers.

Yes me too, I can fly but the screen doesn’t load.

Tried that already…

To be excat. I actually can set me up for a flight on all servers and start… but the airspace status doesn’t load for any of the servers.


I meant be to controlling ATC for an event that’s just started but now I can’t. Yay

Known intermittent issue. Won’t be a problem in the next update.