Do violations matter?

I have 3 violations and 4 landing. Will it hurt me in the long run?

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Yes, it will, you won’t be able to go up grades

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Violations play into your overall grade. After a certain while the violations are not counted but they are on your record.

The main thing you need to pay attention to is why you received the violations and learn from it. Access to the Training and Expert servers have different requirements with your ration of violations to landings.


Thank god…becuase they are all over speed for when im taking off…out of no where the A388 always hits the 300 kts…but now ive started using the auto pilot to manage my speed.


You can always check the #tutorials

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Try taking off with reduced throttle. I rarely use over 85%. Acceleration is enough to get you off the ground, but not so much that you have to worry about speed while you configure for climb-out.

I’ve got 18 violations, most speed related for the same thing! Hasn’t hurt me too much.

I should add that those violations go against 9000 landings.


As long as you know the rules and pay attention you shy be fine. FYI I have 26 vios

What matters is your violations to landings ratio. So you may have 400 violations; but if you have 4000 landings - you are good to go (these numbers are just arbitrary - go look up the ratio required for expert server). But if you have 400 vios with 400 landings, you ain’t getting on the expert server!

Best is to learn from every violation and keep the count as low as possible. Fly right and this won’t be a concern.

Too add to what @GHamsz said,
On takeoff use less throttle. 80-85% percent throttle with correct flaps are more then enough to get u off the ground. And with that you’ll be able to configure for flight (raise gear, raise flaps, set climb speed and VS) without worrying about speed climbing too fast.
If u have any questions, PM me.
I have 10 violations.
Violations matter, but landings matter more. Just keep the number of landings WELL above the number of violations. 😁👍🏿

I’d say 50/50, if youre a good pilot who makes the occasional mistake, sets his AP speed to high, runs out if fuel and crashes, etc. dont fret over an occasional mistake, we all do it. But if your constantly disregarding the ruels, or making extremely frequent mistakes, you need to get it together before that can really stain your record, and bar you from Expert, IFATC, etc.

Yes. Watch the tutorials on u tube before you fly anymore and then you will be better and pick up less. We all have had them but the idea is to have none. You will never get up to the expert server if you keep violating.

P.S. Do not exceed 250kts below 10,000 ft. If you exceed this you get violation.

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