Do violations and reports/ghosts go away after a certain time frame?

So i started flying last june, and i got violations and an accident ghosting, and i was wondering if after a certain timeframe? or will they stay on my record forever

read this link i hope it answers your questions

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I believe they stay on your record for 12 months, and I know that’s what happens with violations, and am pretty sure the same happens with ghosts.


They will stay on your record forever- however, they may lose it’s effect over a certain time.

EG. If you have 5 ghosts over the span of different consecutive days (for example), you can not access the expert server. Assuming you do not get any other ghosts, as soon as the same day of the first day in the following year, you will be allowed back into the expert server.

However, it will always show up on your total count of vios/ghosts.


Okay thank you

Thank you for clearing it up

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