Do US Air Force aircraft park at Military Aprons?

I’m talking Air Force 737s, 747s, and 757s. Not F16s.

Or do they park at civilian gates?

Or do they travel to private bases and almost never civilian airports with the military aprons?

Based on what I’ve seen, they’ll park at military aprons or, if an airport doesn’t have military stands, they’ll park at one of the private ramps. They’ll never park at passenger gates since, well, these flights usually are carrying high profile people.


If an airport have VIP gates they’ll likely park there.
Like in RJTT there’s 2 VIP gates for AF1s from many countries.

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Ah, I see, do you guys know any Air Force 737 or 757 routes that are around 30 minutes long or a bit more?

Check this link out … explains Air aForce 1 and parking. Welcome to Prince George County, VA

KADW-KILG in the VC-25, or C-32A.

Relatively common flight between POTUS’ home city and DC

Hey, I created KMMU in the game and I added a special spawn for AF-1 which is the case at many military frequented airports

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KADW-KMMU (or vice versa) Air Force 757

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I think they would fly into an nearby airbase. Not an airport like RJTT. The president of the United States does not land at some of the largest airports in the world, that would be a liability. They would rather land at an US Airbase in Japan, which they control all operations, rather then RJTT where they do not.

Just FYI the AF1 does visit large hubs like RJTT and ZBAA and so on. Check out these 2 pics:

Credit to owners

I live 5 minutes from a Civilian / Military airport. I’ve never seen a Military aircraft park at a Civilian gate there. The rotor wing aircraft do park at the fixed based operator from time to time, though. The only time I’ve seen a Military aircraft park at (what I think was a civilian gate) was the Mexican President’s B727 parked right next to the aircraft I was on in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oh they do, my bad then.

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