Do these Logitech Items work with infinite flight?

So I recently saved up a very pretty penny and I’m wondering if these Logitech items work with infinite flight; Yoke, throttle, Switch panel, and Mutipanel. I just want to know before I buy them. Thanks!

I have the joystick and it works fine, I don’t have anything else, but I also would like to hear how everything else works.

I know the joystick works, my friend has IF and he’s planning to get the yoke so I assume that works for the yoke. Not to sure about the rest though.

I use the yoke and throttle and I can tell you they work fine.

So I have quite a lot and they all work.

  • Extreme 3D Pro Joystick
  • Pro Flight Yoke
  • Throttle Quadrant
  • Multi Panel

All of those work and you can find all of those on Amazon. Hope that helps!

The only thing about the rudder pedals, if you are planning to invest in these in the future, is that the brakes don’t work. Since the brakes on the pedals are an axis and in IF they are a button, LiveFlight Connect (if you use iOS) doesn’t support them as a feature. If you press them, the controls jam in one direction. Hopefully this bug gets fixed soon and the controls won’t jam in one direction!

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