Do these green lights mean anything?

I’m just wondering if the green light (seen below in picture) means anything.

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It is the beacon light for the airport. What it does or means exactly, I don’t know.

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For more reading, please see here or look up the beacon on google


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Military and civilian airdromes Beacons in the states have a uniques characteristic, a Beacon Pulse Rate. Civilian 1 Pulse. Military 2 Pulse. Not really evident during the the day but excellent land marks in a target rich environment in heavy Wx or at nite. From WIKI;
Flashing rates

24 to 30 per minute for beacons marking airports, landmarks, and points on Federal airways
30 to 45 per minute for beacons marking heliports
Color combinations

White and Green — Lighted land airport
Green alone* — Lighted land airport
White and Yellow — Lighted water airport
Yellow alone* — Lighted water airport
Green, Yellow, and White — Lighted heliport
White, White, Green* — Military Airport
White, Green, Red — Hospital and/or Emergency Services Heliport
*Green alone or yellow alone is used only in connection with a white-and-green or white-and-yellow beacon display, respectively.
Military airport beacons flash alternately white and green, but are differentiated from civil beacons by two quick white flashes between the green flashes.

In Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class E surface areas, operation of the airport beacon during the hours of daylight often indicates that the ground visibility is less than 3 miles and/or the ceiling is less than 1,000 feet. Regardless of the weather conditions, the FAA has no regulation that requires airports to turn the beacon on during the day. (wiki). Max Sends

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Also, I’m pretty sure the airport’s AIP talks about the colours of the beacons… The intervals matter a lot I think