Do the jets have restrictions?

Hi, I am wanting to know if f-22 s have some restrictions at the servers. If something says that, please it would be helpful.

Make sure to check this: (if you fly on Expert server)


No they don’t - but when tuned into approach you should be going at a similar speed to the airliners (250-325 kts IAS)

Stick to slower speeds below 10000ft and you will be fine.

GAF have a rule of staying below 250kts until above 10k to give ATC some guidance and predictability

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This is very good rule. Few weeks ago after takeoff I stayed at takeoff thrust and I got reported for being too fast. So make sure to fly at normal speeds when tuned into ATC.

So, yesterday I was flying at 12,000 and at full speed, 1k. When I was far away I contacted Approach. He reported me.

That’s because you were in active airspace flying at excessive speeds. If you’re approaching IFATC, slowing down to normal traffic pattern speeds is mandated.

That’s also true to life, Fast Jets dont fly at M2 overland and never in airspace that has other users in.

When you say airspace you refer to the blue circles? I repeat, I was very far away and wasn’t disturbing nobody.

As you can read in Tyler’s thread, that’s controlled airspace.

If you call in full speed, there’s nothing they can do with you, you’re already way beyond the point where you can be fit into traffic in a controlled manner. You need to be ready to fly under control before you enter Approach or tower airspace.

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Controlled airspace:

For Approach, as in your case, this is a 50 mile radius up to FL180

Okey, thks.

If you are in a fighter above 18K and within the fifty miles out parameter will the tune to approach indicator automatically light up on the radar screen or will you have to drop below that value to activate it…and also if you are coming in for example at around 275 KIAS by the time you enter the approach airspace window is it up to the pilot or the controller to lower the air speed to acceptable limits !

In real life the FAA doesn’t allow supersonic flights over land but there are special restricted military corridors, high altitude supersonic corridors (HASSC). They are higher up at like FL300-FL400 so no glass is breaking left, right and center as F-22s boom overhead. They are typically near the AFB. After FL600 I think you can go as fast as you want.


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