Do the 773ER’s Strobe lights flicker 2 times IRL?

Wanted to ask if the 777-300ERs strobe lights flicker 2 times in real life because in IF seems like it flickers 2 times

In real life, Boeing aircrafts blink one times, but it is pretty quick and it would look like it blinks twice.

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Oh ok yea I saw this video it looked like it did it once

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In Infinite Flight the 777 strobes flicker twice, where as in real life it’s only once.

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Cool ok thanks!

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I think they’re trying to change the strobe patterns on planes, though I know new planes like the TBM and A-10 still have the double Airbus strobes.

I think it was just simpler to program them onto the planes, which is why most of the planes, with the exception of the Boeing 737 family and Boeing 787 family, all have Airbus strobes.

Of course, The Airbus Family has these and they are as they should be.

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So they gonna redo the lights ?

Time will tell.

General rule:
Airbus Strobes flash twice
BoeingStrobes flash once
however, @Joseph_Spinner is correct.


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