Do Staff Automatically Get Grade 5?

So whenever I’m flying, and I see staff (particularly during a large event), I always notice that they always have a Grade 5 . Is this something that’s given to them as a “courtesy” or do they have to all work their way to that grade? I apologize in advance if this question seems silly 😂

I don’t think they automatically get grade 5 as staff. Staff are playing the game a ton and and thus grade up really quickly. I just think most of the staff members have grade 5 from simply playing the game a lot.


They have Grade 5 because they need the status to quickly access the servers they need to work on or address issues without having to maintain a certain level of activity. They are often too busy to be spending a significant amount of time playing their own game when they’re supposed to be working on it anyways.

It’s more of a convenience thing, less than it is about maintaining an actual status. After enough time on Infinite Flight, you’ll realise that Grades 3, 4 and 5 don’t really mean anything apart from the colours that you’ll get.



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Ahhh gotcha! Thanks for explaining that. Makes lots of sense.

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