Do ramp rules apply in Infinite Flight?

So I tend to be as realistic as possible with my flights, and I was just wondering something that isn’t major by any means but I would prefer not to get warned or ghosted on expert for it so I’ll ask just in case. In real life, aircraft can move freely in certain areas near the terminal or GA parking (assuming there is no ramp/apron control obviously) up until a certain point where there is usually a hold short(ish) line separating movement and non-movement areas. Say I was at an airport where the apron was especially big, and I spawned on Expert in a Cessna and started taxiing up to that point before requesting taxi. Would I get told to request taxi before moving or would they let that go if they noticed?


In your given situation, for any movement IFATC must give you clearance. If you just started taxing around ATC will send you a “please wait for clearance before taxing” message. This allows the controller to plan what your going to to and how to manage the ground traffic.


Unless you have been given permission to taxi then don’t taxi, unless you have been given permission to pushback, don’t pushback. These are the rules that are enforced on the expert server. If we allowed everyone to follow their own rules to some extent then it would not give much control for controllers over what’s going on at their airport.


Ok thanks guys that’s what I thought I was just making sure. Cheers!


It’s cool you noticed that. They are specifically called movement and non-movement areas in ATC. Ground Control is in charge of movement areas and pilots are responsible for movement in non-movement areas unless there is control e.g. ramp. IFATC considers everything a movement area as stated above.


Be nice if they did in some areas! I know my home base we have non controlled areas.


or they can just ghost you straight away without warning, and it is your fault everytime.

I get the feeling that this has happened to you before… Anyways that’s not the case, taxiing without permission is not a automatic ghosting. We have to give warnings before we ghost someone, people make mistakes therefore we give them a chance to fix it. Now on the other hand if you taxi without permission and taxi through someone, well you set yourself up for a ghost.


I don’t know about the ATC management but if that happened I think a controller would get a talking too


Unless, say, the controller was familiar with the particular pilot and knew that they liked to play the taxi-until-I’m-warned game every time they spawn and the only way to eliminate that game was to skip the warning…

[On a serious note: Warnings are for things which can be accidents. You cannot combine “expert” with “doesn’t know they need taxi clearance”. Sorry.]


Don’t do this. Controllers can and will ghost for this with no warning. Common sense is your warning.

On a busy day, our time can’t be spent trying to figure out what you’re doing.


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