Do planes fly in the Bermuda Triangle?

I want to know, do planes fly in the Bermuda Triangle IRL? If yes, how come they don’t get lost like the other planes that flew there?

Go on flightaware and have a look for yourself

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Yes they do.

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Yes. Have a look on flight radar, you’ll see hundreds of flights flying over there a day.

Who knows, that could remain a mystery. Yes, while a lot of planes and ships have gone missing in real life, it’s not on such a scale that it’s actually dangerous and you’re guaranteed to crash. If you’re part of the realism police it’s perfectly fine to fly over the Bermuda Triangle in IF.


What do you mean by that?

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It’s just sort of a joke. ;) Basically if you’re all about realism.

I suspect some players on here take realism more seriously than offers and try to enforce players not being a real as they would like them to be. To be honest if I want complete realism i will fly my own plane in rl and like to fly on IF to simulate things we cant do in the real world

A simple look at any one of the few flight tracking websites can answer this. No need for a topic we can answer on our own. 🙂