Do plane lights even matter?

Like you cant even see planes after 200meters. If yoi could see planes lining up in the localizer that would be hell of experience

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Considering what happened 3 hours ago in HND, yes.


They do alot.
The landing lights can make a runway visible when close. And even if your not on the Plane when you look at the approach end of a runway in real life you would see light approaching the Runway almost like a star
Strobe lights show where a plane is it’s that effective you can still see the plane in the air when your on the ground.
Beacon lights notify you that the engines are running

They do alot of work and play a huge role in safety what happened in HND is just an example on what happened.

If they were no plane lights it would be like driving in a non light road with no headlights and the car ahead lights are off

In IF.

No words

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This is all true in real life flying, however in IF I too don’t see when having the landing lights on during approach the rwy getting brighter idk maybe it’s just my device yet I always have the brightness at full. So I end up cheating and switch the time to “noon” so I can see it clearly then try to change back to current time 🤦


That is all true

I don’t think we can speculate yet on the cause for that, and more likely than not, it was a combination of events that culminated in the crash. It’s doubtful that lights would have single-handedly prevented the accident, and based on footage of the incident, both aircraft had all all the appropriate lighting activated.

Furthermore, on some accounts the JAL flight was already on fire when it touched down, rendering lights almost useless. I can imagine it would be hard to miss a massive flaming carbon fiber composite tube coming at you at 150 knots.


Totally agree. Lights are a show apart and We definitely need lights rework. Often we can see airplanes without strobe lights on…or taxiing with them on…bug maybe… But I doubt we’re getting that before we get a new weather upgrade.

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Can anyone send me a good link to read of the incident that just happened?

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I think OP means in IF? since it doesn’t actually illuminate anything

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Thank you!

💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Oh dear.

It is obviously a combination of factors and I don’t think the implication was necessarily that the lights weren’t on, even with lights on it is extremely difficult to see an aircraft on a lit runway. A collision, whatever the cause, though does emphatically emphasize the need to see and be seen. Lighting is a crucial part of that.

In infinite flight none of this necessary matters but just saying that it isn’t speculation to say a collision absolutely emphasizes the importance of aircraft lighting.

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