Do pilots wave back?

Great video by JustPlanes.

Makes me feel good :)


Haha I love this video! Notice how the ANA pilots are the ones wearing gloves.


its nice to see pilots wave back at other aviation enthusiast

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guessing this is in Germany?

Very nice video! Thanks for sharing.

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I guess also Germany, because of the Lufthansa which landed often. EDDF (Frankfurt) or EDDM (Munic) are often Lufthansa.

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I love it when pilots wave back

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Yeah same here
Hi roman

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Hey josh :)

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Check out PM josh

I know UK based airliner pilots who not only wave back, but on their days off grab a camera and flask and do a bit of spotting themselves!

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Nowadays as a pilot we better wave back, we don’t wanna be on the Internet with a grumpy face :|


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Bump time.

Love this

Always. especially to the ramp guys. We are al, a friendly bunch. Well, most of us. Ha

On 3 occasions I’ve used my lights(daylight) to say hi while flying 1-2000ft above on the same flight path coming from the opposite direction and only one had the chance to flash back saying hi :)

Stick the finger up at him LOL

Quiet a few I know do that.

Some still instruct in your local general aviation airports

Let’s test this out.

[waves at @Aernout]


(Waves back)

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Confirmed: pilots do wave back!