Do pilots get Christmas off?

I just have a quick question,
Do pilots get holidays off like Christmas?
I want to become an airline pilot when I’m older, however, holidays like Christmas are very important for me as it is a time for reunion with the family and things like that.



Do people fly on Christmas? 🤷🏻‍♂️

the answer is yes, and therefore the answer to your question is no incase it wasn’t clear. Obviously not all pilots work Christmas but planes fly on Christmas and therefore pilots work.


I believe it depends, Christmas Day is one of the busiest days of the year for aviation so I’d believe more pilots are needed.

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Depends on seniority. Thats all that the airlines are about.


Why is this in #real-world-aviation:spotting? Lol.

However, as the others said, it depends. If the pilots are backed by a union, it’s possible that more days could be allotted off.

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It should be in #real-world-aviation but I can’t change that since a mid has to do that. Don’t worry about it, someone will come by and take care of it. Since none of us can do anything about it we don’t need to make a big deal about it.

It doesn’t really matter, question has already been answered. If op does not have anymore questions, or things to discuss it can be closed :)

Nice question :)

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Yes because all airline pilots have a job to do, no matter what the holiday is. But if your lucky the schedule you bid on can actually have the 25th off.

Honestly I think flying on Christmas is cool, Like its busy but cool

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Ryanair doesn’t fly at all on the 25th. EasyJet too.

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Here in the states, when you first are hired or are a new pilot for an airline, it’s harder to get the days you want off. So a lot of the time you will be working either right before, during, or just after Christmas. But after a few years and gain some seniority you can choose what weeks you want off

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It depends on the airline. Some do some don’t

No. You need to have at least 10 years seniority to even get a chance off Christmas off. It’s a guessing game when it comes to Christmas off.

Simple answer is no. And its not only Christmas u can also be missing birthdays of people who are important to u this is the sacrifice a pilot usually has to make.

Only senior pilots such as captains usually get Christmas off. It’s the Junior Pilots that will have to fly.

All RAF personnel if not deployed get two weeks off for Christmas

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Nice that’s cool!

I’m not lucky enough to live in the states, I live in UK, but thanks anyway!

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But can you not tell the airline and explain the situation?

Like which ones?