Do People Still fly the spitfire?

Recently I did a flight in the spitfire and it was so hard to fly that it made me wonder if anyones actually used it ever. Also make sure to post any butter landings to get with the spitfire cause that’s a rare sight!



People do fly it! If you search Spitfire you will see a variety of topics about it! If you want it to be reworked see the topic linked below!

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Yeah! Flying tight patterns on the Spitfire is really fun. @Chris_Hoss knows something about that

I flew it once three years ago when I first got infinite flight I flew maybe two hours total and I’ve never flown it since

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Occasionally I do. Lovely bird

😂😂😂 it’s just impossible to fly as well as being at the bottom of the list it means I never pass it 😂

Also a good plane for wacky racing

Yeah that makes it fun 😂

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I actually flew it the other day on solo mode… to avoid anyone seeing my skills 😬


That’s something I would do

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I’m not going to post the canned reply, but I have a few tips for you to settle in the IFC and maybe even make some friends!

IDK how familiar you are with this forum so I went to the basics, but if you already know all that then you’re all good and can stop reading now.

I saw that you posted a few General topics recently, and while they are interesting, they don’t all fit the criteria for topics of the sort. If you’d like to post a topic, you should:

Use the search feature (the magnifying glass in the top right) to see if similar/identical topics already exist.

Look at the criteria and “rules” for these kinds of topics! You can find most rules/guidelines in topics posted by the user called MishaCamp. To find the user, type “MishaCamp” in the search and click their profile>activity>topics>scroll down until you find what you need, he’s essentially the god of the IFC.

Finally, if you have any questions for anything on the forum, just ask me! I have no life so expect an answer within maximum 3 hours :)
I’m ready to answer any question and help with pretty much anything!

That was a bit of a pro-tip series for the IFC but there’s a lot to learn and do here, so have fun! Once you know the rules, this is an amazing place to be! You can tell by seeing how long I’ve spent here :P


Hope you keep enjoying the IFC!

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Have a great day!



To answer your question,

Yes I still fly it and enjoy it very much :)


I have maybe flown it for like 10 minutes @Ethan_Brown

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Alright I’ll stick the the criteria next post

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Thank you @Robertine


No problem! :)

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I am one of the few in Infinite Flight that do fly the Spitfire! It is a tricky plane to learn to fly, but from my experience the more practice and scenarios you do on casual server and on solo mode, I will say that it is a lovely plane to fly!


Yeah I definitely need to fly it on casual otherwise it’s hard to not get reported 😂

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Ask @Scott.Cooper we know he Flys it.

Alright I will

i have nearly 3000 hrs on it in sim so just let me know and i can show you the ropes. its great fun once you know how to control the beast. Also as and answer to your first question…Yes people still fly the beauty, i myself try and fly it at least once a week.