Do people like your plane knowledge?


My friends get annoyed sometimes…

All the time

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My friends soon learnt to shut up about me being an Avgeek when I took them flying back in summer


Only my dad when I’m at the Airport Planes sporting but friend no apart from 1

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No, I’m in middle school, so whenever we have free time, and then I look at IFC, the kid next to me normally says:

  1. You like planes? That’s weird.
  2. Planes are for weirdos.
  3. Lol your such a geek.
    So no, normally people do not appreciate me showing my knowledge. It annoys me A LOT.

My gf in texas likes it and my freinds and parents do but everyone else l… not really.


People think im weird sometimes, spending almost all my money on aviation. But my dad and mom always love story’s from spotting! And my friends who dont like aviation dont care about it and just hang with me. But I got bullied due to my love of aviation. but thats life


My heart💔💔


I tend to keep my mouth shut about planes most of the time. However, if there’s a conversation I can contribute to, I’m all for sharing what I know!


I will keep this answer simple: No
However it’s hard to not mention it or talk about IF all the time so people just have to deal with me 😂

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aviation and english are the things i know most. every conversation i have with someone has to be aviation related somehow. but most people want to learn that i talk to so they welcome my knowledge.
Ive been called an avgeek and aviation nerd and you know aviation is what i know so i really dont care


Said well at the end. Being called those. I call myself those but havent been called them accept by my gf.

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everyones like you know your a bit of an avgeek right? and im like yep sure do thanks for pointing that out. its usually people who im not around all the time that will call me that

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There are many people at school who know about my aviation interest, but they don’t outwardly express any sort of disapproval towards me or tease me at all for loving aviation.
The only aviation-loving person that I’m friends with (who also goes to my school), @Pilot_urp, loves aviation and IF and is pretty much the reason why I have an IF Pro subscription in the first place.
But pilot_urp is the only person I know who has any significant interest in aviation. Everyone else I know (including my family) isn’t interested in aviation, but they never call pilot_urp and I out. So I guess they just don’t really care whether I like aviation or not.

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Parents just switch off if i try and teach them, one avgeek at school likes boeing so thats a major problem and is 100% civi not my type. Then yeah mostly i just share my knowledge with myself aka trying to name as many airlines as possible without internet or any resource. Is 110+ good?

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Over time by friends have kinda never thought much of aviation but they accept that I love aviation and kinda try to get involved. 😂

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No one appreciates my aviation knowledge even when it comes to booking trips

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Life is tough as a teen with an interest that isn’t fortnite. Think I might write a book about it; I would call it “Life as a lonely pilot”


I have never come across an Av Geek in real life ever so I just keep my interest to myself regarding aviation as it’s clear that people will just think I’m weird. I don’t care about them thinking that but honestly there is no need for me to talk about aviation unless I’m communicating online with The IF community. I do share stuff with my family though and I’m sixth form I did share some knowledge as we made aviation related lights but other than that I never do. Most people won’t realise.


It’s probably why only my only friends are male and then there is very few of them

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It’s good to know I am not alone.