Do people like your plane knowledge?

Well only my mom does but no one ever does because i have spent most of my life getting bullied but i want to know if anyone admires your plane knowledge

if anyone does let me know in the comments below

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My girlfriend likes it because she’s an aviation engineer but my parents hate it!


Everyone does in my family and don’t mind those who don’t.


Family likes it it’s in our blood


Aviation friends yes, others sorta, everyone else no.


What do you mean by others @Joseph_Krol friends, family members)! I mean what difference is there between ‘others’ and ‘everyone else’ in your case?


Someone looked at me weird when they asked why the flaps kept going down. I explained the various degrees and speeds. They looked at me annoyed lol. I’m like you asked 😂


My ex said I was sad cos I can recognise planes that are thousands of feet up, and often can tell the airline too


My parents, are impressed by how well I know about aircraft, mostly the economic part as to how airlines try cutting fuel costs and sponsor, and cooperate and indulge in other business for profit and how that impacts both the global economy but al so politics as Airlines and Aircraft hold more power than most of us think. Everything is connected, in a way or another and they find it interesting that I know so much, so well within that category, which is quite immense when you think about and you can go very deep, as it gets very complicated the further you go.

Also my friends show some kind of interest, respect that I know so much but they don’t in our age (17-18) also my cousins ranging from 3 y/o to 45 y/o, they don’t either know much about how aircraft or anything for that matter. I mean all in all, all my relatives are quite stunned by my knowing in this massive category full of complications along the way.

I have one class friend, who is semi-jealous as he know nowhere near as much as me when it comes to aerodynamics, always calling me out for having the worst build paper airplanes, but Hey! In the long run, mine flies, further than, his… I mean it flies, while his don’t even fly to begin with. Literally dips right away.

I have on the other hand a very good Friend who has a ton of knowledge in History and Military aircraft, so we usually discuss Aeroplanes and how fighter jets and military cargo planes were used during war times back in WWII and so on, so forth. He is impressed by my knowledge in commercial jets and loves to chat with me about planes cuz he knows I’m on par level with him. Although not so much on the military side, but I can hold up a relevant conversation about that as well, while I’m also very impressed by his knowledge. So it goes back and forth.

More or less, people are looking up ti me in a way, mostly because of my Economy talk. Even if others may have gotten the same grade as me in Economy (B+ / A), they still are listening with both ears, what I have to say, because I go a step further beyond what the school teaches, you so there’s that. But yeah, I never boast about my knowledge, everyone I know has at this point gotten to know that I have superior knowledge/strength in Aviation and it’s wide variety of aspects/areas/perspectives. Since Aviation is so big, it’s quite meritering how well we all here on the forum do, with our knowledge about this global tech/political economic industri = Aviation!

Fly High, Fly Far // JR


My girlfriend gets irritated at me specially when I talk helicopters but it’s fun lol


Everyone I talk to (for the most part) loves my aviation knowledge. They all want to learn and have a sense of it. There are a few people that don’t like my aviation knowledge but I can’t do anything about that


Usually my friends will be like ‘how do you know that” if I tell then the origin/destination or what airline. Always puts a smile on my face to be able to share my knowledge

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In the 80’s there was a flight safety sticker with a picture of a vibrating helicopter on it (blade tracking for those who want to know!).

The caption on the sticker was ‘Never keep a vibrator up, take it out for a service’.

That was banned in the PC 1990’s!!! Shame!

My wife hates all and everything to do with flying! Diverse interests and all that!


Oh that’s hysterical LOL
I love Track and Balance Flighrs, I did one on a 412, and did that sucker take forever


Try a five bladed head with coloured chalks on each blade tip and a strip of cloth!!!

Junior boy walked (very gingerly!!!) with the strip in a holding pole until it was hit by the whirling blade tips. Where each different chalk mark (hopefully) appeared on the strip was where each blade was supposedly tracking!

Took a while! Half a flat red anyone?

Ironically that’s why we have colour coded blades now! The process involves lasers and mathematical wizardry now. Much less fun!


Haha a lot of people “tolerate” me… my wife likes it because she feels safer flying with me. “Don’t worry about that noise honey, it’s just flaps 2!” :P


Me and my dad are basically the only avgeeks but everyone else just doesn’t really care here in Australia no one really gives a dam

That sounds painful lol! We spent a month in a half to get our 412 properly balanced, the rotor head on that sucks so badly but the 412 is such a fun machine, I miss that ship!

You’re ex is sad because she can’t appreciate other people’s abilities and understanding that it’s something you like to do


First of all… If anyone bullies you for being an avgeek. Tell them to pound sand bro. They’re probably scared witless of flying and yet you know what’s up! Avgeeks rule bro! Don’t ever forget that!

To answer your question:

My wife certainly does… Since we’ve been together she’s only been nervous about flying ONCE and that was when I got a little bit nervous. We were flying KBOS-KFLL and beginning descent on the FISEL5 (now FISEL7) we had a crazy fast descent of around -6100fpm-it was HELLA uncomfortable but a roller coaster of a ride!

As is my custom, I had the STAR chart out on my iPad-comparing it to the moving map (pre-foreflight days) and at the time it wasn’t the Jeppesen chart and I showed no altitude restrictions other than 8000’ at MOSIE-so I figured it’d be a nice gentle descent along the Florida coastline. We started down, no spoilers, then the descent rate increased, I saw a small touch of speedbrake come out and then… we started going DOWN full speed brakes out, deck angle almost 4* down. My wife heard me say “WHOA” while I was glued to the window looking at the full speed brakes out (of course I knew that the A320 had to be off autopilot to get full spoilers out inflight) once I grabbed the armrests and held on while nervously looking out the window and forward at the moving map to check altitude my wife about lost it. She’s mumbling “OMG I gotta call my mom, if you’re nervous we’re going DOWN!” I reassured her that while yes I was nervous it was likely a resolution advisory for other traffic or other hazard we had to avoid. What a crazy one that was!

So yes, the nervous fliers in my family appreciate my aviation knowledge!

Here are the pics below where I got answers from my pilot friends-apparently Miami center is famous for “slam dunking” flights on occasion.