Do people go on holiday to Pensacola?

I honestly have no clue, but I love flying to cities by the sea or ocean, so hope you enjoy this short hop from Atlanta (ATL/KATL) to Pensacola (PNS/KPNS)!

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Configuration: C12 W15 Y83
Load: C7 W15 Y83; 1784kg bags & cargo
Server: Expert
Flight time: 0050h

Waiting for pushback at the gate, with two 77Ls departing to LAX and CDG.

Few people probably know that the 717 was one of the first IF models with an actual cabin! Friendly reminder that landing lights are not to be used on taxi!

Beautiful terminal views with a 77L that just came in from Tokyo and an A380 from Frankfurt. The DL A321 was starting its trip to Los Angeles.

Thank you for holding short!

Banking right with beautiful views over the city of Atlanta.

Landing in Pensacola, breaks on! The 717 might not be very easy to land but I find it very enjoyable!

Hope you guys enjoy!


Really creative angles, gotta applaud you, these look fantastic!


I see 717, I approve. Awesome plane choice, and great photos!


People go on vacations to Pensacola 😜


Nice photos! And yes, people do go to Pensacola for…holiday… just as @KPIT said above. Lots of spring breakers.


I’ve had “holidays” (vacations) in Pensacola, most recently in February. Stayed at the Hilton on Pensacola Beach, loved it!

Loved the shots too!

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Haha, this is the second time I generate a conundrum surrouding UK vs. US English…

Nice shots!

I visited Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum on my vacation in the US back in year 2000.

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I don’t want to be that guy but Lufthansa’s A380s only fly out of Munich, while the A330s and B747s are exclusive to Frankfurt
Edit: I forgot to mention that I really liked the pictures 😅

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Haha, no worries! No more LH A380s in FRA sadly you’re right :(

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I mean I am happy about it since I live near Munich ;)

MUC is my favourite airport from a pax experience! Can’t wait for the next event at the airport.

Yeah that’s true! It’s really a fantastic airport from all kinds of views! Especially Terminal 2 is probably the reason why Munich has been rated as the best airport in Europe for the most out of the last 5 years! It’s modern, clean, quiet and just well organized

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BTW for some information I have my old ATC thread linked, where I have a section that introduces Munich Airport if you want to look: Maximilian1805's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @[N/A - Practical PASSED

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Great angles, colors and everything <3

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Thanks for the feedback & glad you’ve enjoyed them!

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I love the angles, nice shots!

What filter did you use?

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As my home airport is KJKA and KPNS I approve of this post.

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I’m using filters in the Adobe PS Express app, not a big effort :P

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