Do people ever make fun of you for liking planes?

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People have always made fun of me for liking planes but it’s increasingly happening more often. Like yesterday just because someone asked me to open a window when they could they got anoyed and made fun of me liking aircraft and purposely talked about them to anoy and upset me. And that got me thinking do others make fun or mention living Aviation in a bad way purposely to wind you up or bully or is it just me


Your gonna get picked on for whatever hobby you have. Just how it goes in this world…


If this doesn’t get deleted I’m planning to record data and make a percentage of people that do and don’t do its sorta reasearch kinda


I literally got bullied about me likening planes 20 minutes ago…


Yeah I know but it’s specially because I love Aviation they purposely make things ridiculous or false to get me to correct them by habit so they can get to me and want to see if others have same problem

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Oh that’s terrible !

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“Haha you like planes too much.”
“Haha you like Fortnite too much.”

(He didn’t say anything after that 🔥)


No offence, but the mods don’t need your permission to do that, it’s a bit unnecessary.

Me? Not really. I don’t really tell everyone to be fair, but I don’t really get any stick from the people who know.

I actually have a friend who plays the cool kid role and started at me because of my ex obsession with Rocket League. Then, I discovered his secret planespotting account. He’s much quieter now…


Oh yeah nothing I can do I have lots of people gang up on me


Oh yeah and it’s just habit to say that


I might get a sarcastic remark but no one outright insulted me for liking planes. I more or less get annoyed when those same people look at a 737 landing and say “oh wow look at that jumbo jet, its massive”.


Yes, actually, I always get “Planes are G**” and the usual “CaN YOu CRasH?”


People used to try. Then they realised I am amazing. Then they stopped. Now they have sad little lives working part time in a convenience store for a living. Ha.


If you have a passion, or a dream, embrace it! Everyone has a passion, good or bad, everyone has dreams and ambitions and there is nothing wrong with having something you enjoy or find intrest in. For most, aviation is an impressive feat as you see masive aircraft soar into the heavens at high speeds, if a “friend” is putting you down in any way for any dream or passion, then consider new friends.

Now, if someone close teases you about it. They are likely pulling your leg, people screwing around just to bother you, don’t be offended all the time sir . 🙂


What’s up with all the personal questions in the forums lately?


Hun, i don’t want to put you down or anything… but your work as LiveFlight Social Media Manager isn’t paying that much either (unless you count gratitude’s) . Still love you though <3


Talk about roasted. But really, if it’s a job you like, pursue it, even though people might make fun of you for hobbies, pursue it anyways.


Not what I do for a living though. I pay for…wait I pay for my living what is this 👿💩🤬


There are alot of there hobbies that are far worse than aviation. My wife makes fun of me and I’m 28. It doesn’t bother me.


I assume you’re younger so people your age tend to make fun of people or things that they don’t understand. It’s still true to a degree when you get older but as someone who is about to graduate from college I would tell you that people admire others who have a deep passion for something. I feel the same way. There’s nothing wrong with liking aviation, mathematics, science or sports… do what you love and be who you want to be. That is my advice.