Do older planes have APPR mode?

I was flying the 717 from Honolulu to Kahului. I usually put on APPR mode to align and then turn it off when im about to land. I noticed that the 717 doesn’t have the APPR button. The only non pro planes that appear to have APPR are the 737 and the a321 (the reworked aircraft) but not the older models. So I don’t know if it’s a problem with my infinite flight or if older models simply don’t have APPR mode.


No, unfortunately they don’t, they started adding Autoland in 2014. It sometimes is a little annoying lol

From my knowledge, some aircraft indeed don’t have APPR. I’m not familiar with that aircraft but if the APPR button is not there then you know its either not implemented or just not there.

Ah I see thanks guys

How did you manage to get here? lol

They don’t have it, but you can get the same functionality from using ILS and VNAV

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No older planes do not have APPR. Only reworked planes and planes made after 2015-2016 (not 100% sure but I’m quite positive) have APPR.

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