Do not you sometimes find it unfair?

I am to the server and I confess that I do not really like flying using this option.
The reason are the violations myself was punished for taking off fast but the reason was distraction and lack of experience the flap was not in the ideal position. Then 5% plus 7 days. Could it be that in the future we could have a beep and a warning that would give us some time to fix it. Sometimes punishments for violations seem too much to me, do not you think?

There is already a warning and you have 10 seconds before a violation.


Fly on the causal server if you don’t want violations or learn from it and fly in a manner to avoid them. I used to get loads but now I haven’t had any for two years or so minus the ones from running out of fuel.


imagine a first time pilot with difficulties in English or on the cell phone being small bla bla you cha that 10 seconds is enough time? better drivers are being punished who will tell the beginner.

I would only reiterate what Chatta mentioned. If you’re having issues with violations, we have the Casual Server available so folks don’t have to worry about violations. The casual server is a violation free environment where you can fly as fast or as slow as you’d like.


I’m grade 5 I know aviation and even then I find it difficult sometimes if you’re very good, be happy but see what I’m talking about it’s not just about you or me.
I travel long and I calculate everything and even so I like the casual for several reasons in financial terms sometimes this messes up yes.

My trips to the IF have times between 7 and 13 hours and even that does not make me feel so good.
And I do this on the server I’m not complaining but giving a damn time of the breach being greater than 10 seconds.

Which violation do you find to me the most common then if I may ask? Is it overspeeding, aerobatics? I’m just trying to see what advice I can offer so that you’re not frustrated. I realize it can be frustrating but if we can figure out what you’re are struggling with then we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Understand I’m not complaining just saying that sometimes the error in takeoff is the most common mistake I’ve talked about and I see that this problem comes from a distraction a beep or a time of 20 seconds would be more appropriate but it was not my case suddenly I saw who was already fast on the takeoff and slowed down, but it was late. a simple beep would help. I think I may be wrong too.


Ah. I understand now. I’ll see what I’m able to relay to the development team. Maybe something like this could be added into a future update. 🙂


thanks, I’m sure the riders will like it if they do not get punished so fast and this for beginners is much better.

Some of those can be easily prevented though. On takeoff you should not be going even above 220 knots let alone 250. Keep things slow and use auto pilot and set it to 240 to create a buffer to avoid the violations. I’m not insulting you or anything, we all have issues with flying on IF but this is just a suggestion for what I think could help you.

I do agree though that an audible warning or something could be beneficial or more of a warning period before it is applied.

To correct some of the statements. The time is actually 20 seconds. You get a warning, 20 seconds later you get a violaton, and if you have not corrected you get another violation.

Congrats to you being so new and grade 5 so quickly.


thank you.
already tried but sometimes the autopilot does not help much and I particularly like the manual both take off and landing. But I’m just talking about take-off because I know there are pilots who err on purpose and this can not happen.

Thank you for listening and good night from Brazil.

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first month
gets grade 5
i wish that was the case.
it took me two months for me to get to grade 3.


Good, I fly straight and long journeys
tokyo-guarulhos, moscou-miami, london-galeao, sydney-tokyo-paris-guarulhos. If you add up, imagine the time.

and always on the A380 or 787-10 since I’m from France to know the device and the equipment well.

Try In-Flight Assistant. Seems to help a lot of people with speed warnings.

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No, i don’t agree with you.

  1. people can prefer casual servers.

  2. violations are not shame of past. Violations are necessary for learning.

  3. Rules are so soft inTS. I would prefer more restrictions.

  4. This is realistic. Because, in real life when you are going to break rules; you would get violations…

  5. I would prefer to accept all things as a base of game. And i would like to concentrate on features…