Do Not Use "Filler"

Heya Carson, look at 😭

^ that’s not 20 characters but it’s very easy to accidentally do, with a short (but meaningful) post

I think it’s 20 characters - because I think “spaces” count


That makes sense. I think spaces do count.

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Yep, spaces do count.

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@carson spaces only count if you have another letter after them.


It doesn’t count, I tried to just type a letter and added 18 spaces then had one more letter at end. I think it has to be one or two spaces between letters to avoid spamming the space to meet the 20 characters limit.

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I believe only the last space would count then, though I’m not totally sure.

Some random things in (apparent) order of complexity:

  1. String Theory
  2. Finding out where a quark both is (or isn’t) at any one moment.
  3. Figuring out how to come up with 20 characters.
  4. Putting people on the Moon.
  5. Creating self-flying planes

Guys. This is insane.

Here is all you need to know.

  1. If your reply can be summed up with “same”, “I agree”, “I like that”, or anything similar… just hit Like and don’t reply

  2. If you have something substantive to add to the conversation, you wouldn’t have trouble coming up with 20 characters.

If you are fighting to get to 20 characters, your post can’t be adding anything of substance. Just hit Like instead of trying to boost your quantity of replies, or increase the quality of your replies.


Bringing this one back up. I’ve personally noticed a lot more “fillerfiller” recently, so use the like button or make it a full sentence.


Ok. fillerfiller -> That sounds like a good cruising altitude.


Understand that having a 20 characters rule is there for a reason. Guessing “American(20 chars)” or “747! Filler filler” does NOT give you a Lee Way. Even if you somehow can post something under 20 characters using some tricks I’m sorry I will still flag you and the mods will take action against that. I have went on a flagging spree against 1 person who cannot meet this rule so the rule of thumb is to just obey it.

You can like the comment, add more valuable substances(NOT fillers) or keep it to yourself.


What is a Filler? I have never herd of this.

Long story short it’s when people use the word filler or filler, or anything of that matter to reach the 20 character limit


Oh. I might have done that before:) oops…

At least you know now not to!


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