Do Not Use "Filler"

I am. I just need to visit more days and I visit everyday. I need 9 more and I become a regular!

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Give it a couple weeks.

Thanks for letting me know I will not use it :)

Bumping this As it Got repopulated


Aren’t it 20 characters?

Yes, it is 20 characters minimum

It used to be 10 characters.


Wow people make things complicated.

Before posting, just think,“Am I adding something of value to the conversation?”

If you find yourself have trouble finding 20 characters, there’s a good chance you’re not.


Remember when people spoke in full sentences or even paragraph form? Good old days.


Now we get accosted for doing so. Spelling out the word, ‘please’, sans ‘z’, is punishable by 2 months in the stockade, I believe. And God help you if you use paragraphs and punctuation.


What are these punctuations of which you speak they sound like so much fun like omg 😂

In all seriousness, this topic needed a bump. I’ve seen a lot of people use fillers since the character limit came out.

The moderation team has noticed an increase in the use of filler and other methods of circumventing the 20 character rule. Re-pinned to remind new and existing users.

Wrong: I flew the 747.

Right: Today i flew the 747 in the london region.

Perfect: Today i flew the 747 in the london region with the british airways livery, using the callsign Speedbird207.

Keep up the work moderation team!


You forgot the punctuation, they literally just talked about that. The penalty is grade 1s annoying you.


I am a bit confused on what’s going on.
Is it the titles I.e “We need more A320s and things like that”?. If not someone please explain

No, we’re talking more specifically about filler in posts.

Example: Nice picture! (filler)

These type of posts could easily be avoided by giving a like instead (as it implies the same thing). It’s just another post a user has to scroll through to find meaningful content.


Ok now I understand, thank you 😊

Just a reminder to the community, which I feel is important:

Posts like ‘Okay’ or ‘Thank you’ can be replaced by a simple ‘Like’. I’ve seen an increasing number of posts getting flagged for using ‘filler’ or ‘20 characters’. It is advisable to avoid such posts. Thank you.


Question for the mods here, sometimes it’s easy to accidentally bypass the limit using emojis that it seems to take as multiple letters. I accidentally posted a 15-character post with an emoji and only realised after, as you don’t really count them. Is this bad?

I haven’t heard of this before. Just make sure your post is substantial.