Do Not Turn message in Progressive Taxi

This was my suggestion to make life of ground controllers a little bit more easy as on big hubs if they get nose to nose we don’t have enough space and time for 180. Anyways i rest my case. It’s up on IFC now. Thank You.

If planes are going to get nose to nose with each other, it’s your job to deconflict beforehand using existing progressive taxi, give way, and hold position commands. If an aircraft turns into another, that’s plain incompetency which should be reprimanded. Your example of a hub airport really doesn’t make sense, considering…well…it’s a hub, you have to focus on the bigger picture.

I think what we have is perfectly fine, and these commands just make things way too complicated. If this is happening to you, I’d suggest finding ways to improvise and use all available resources.


So my question to you is when you use the do not turn command, what are you telling them to do? Hold position or continue straight cause those are already commands. Or is there something else you are trying to convey? Sorry I’m a bit unsure of what the command would be used for

IFATC do not and will not force aircraft into specific gates. That’s not within our operating limits.

I am just trying to convey that sometimes controller doesn’t want aircrafts to turn in specific direction sometimes to avoid conflict. So normally we do is give them turn right if other aircraft is on left but in that the aircraft might intend to just go straight but as we gave them turn they turn and due to that their desired taxiway is not given to them. With this command we can give them do not turn right if other aircraft is on right side so that they get option to turn left as well as go straight.

You’d tell the aircraft to the left to give way or hold position, simple. Then, at a four way intersection, the priority aircraft can choose a direction. And, if that aircraft turns into the other…well that’s just plain unawareness.


Ah I see, well isn’t that more of a common sense thing? The manual states to not fly the aircraft for the pilot. I do understand where you are coming from but unfortunately it is a common sense issue if a pilots just decides to turn on a taxiway with traffic going the other way, especially with the taxiway map.

But then what if the other aircraft turns into the the aircraft which is giving way. I know you will say they deserver a vacation on training server but we have many new pilots so we can just use this command for more control nothing else.

New pilots are expected to read the user guide for the best experience.

New pilots should be reading up before entering expert. If they don’t, well, they’ll suffer the consequences.

I understand it’s comman sense but sometimes it happens and then we have to report them. So this is my suggestion. Anyways no worries!!

Besides, you don’t need book smarts to turn into others; it’s common sense not to turn into someone else and cause a traffic jam. Just like it’s common sense not to drive on the wrong side of the road.

What do both share in common? If you taxi through someone, you’re reported. If you drive on the wrong side of the road, you’ll either crash, or you’ll be arrested. Take your pick.

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Reporting is an educational tool in my opinion. Not just a way to get rid of an issue for the controller. It gives the pilot a chance to reflect why they received it and how to not receive that violation again.


I am personally not going to vote for this as I think the message “give way to aircraft…” already takes care of the issue. and if you cannot figure out that you should not turn when given that command then I do not think you should be on the expert server.

“Do not turn X” is not really a useful command. You’d simply send a “give way to the aircraft on your right” and they can make up their mind what direction they need to go to. If you need to control where they need to go you’d send “turn left next taxiway” or “continue straight ahead”.

Votes for a feature request for more advanced ground instructions (taxi via X, X, X, to gate C12) where we assign gates and/or gates are requested by the aircraft would be more interesting.

Or something similar to those two requests.

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Yeah I also completely agree. It’s completely unnecessary, and would never be a real life given instruction.

Thanks @Trio , i agree with what you said. I am in complete favour of the drag and taxi command because it might add more fun for ground controllers while also making the paths clear for the pilots to taxi.

Continue straight ahead = Do not turn
Do not turn = continue straight ahead

This is just a tautology really as much as I don’t want to come off as rude. I appreciate the work you’ve put in this request though 😄

I think that the drag and taxi feature would be better, but idk.

I myself am in favou of drag and taxi feature.