Do Not Turn message in Progressive Taxi

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing good.

Today i want to request Infinite Flight for adding a new feature to ground controlling. It is basically just a new message that will help ground controllers be more clear with their intentions.
Sometimes it happens that an aircraft has pushback and about to taxi when to an adjacent taxiway another is taxing, so controller fears that they don’t turn face to face towards each other, so the controller tries to turn the aircraft taxing in someother direction that can result in the taxing aircraft going in some other direction from their desired gate.

Why to use Do not Turn command?

By using the do not turn command we can only block the turn for the aircraft taxing on the specific side. They can still taxi straight or on right or left side which is not blocked.

Do Not Turn Right message

By using this message controller can specify that an aircraft can avoid turning right while still they can taxi straight or turn left as per pilot’s discretion.

Do Not Turn Left message

By using this message controller can specify that an aircraft can avoid turning left while still they can taxi straight or turn right as per pilot’s discretion.

Here is and example where we can use the command from my live session.

Here in the above screenshot we have a scenario in which IFGA-15 is taxing to parking while China Southern 6641 has just pushback.
Now there are 3 scenarios
1) IFGA-15 can turn right
2) IFGA-15 can taxi straight into the gate
3) IFGA-15 can turn left

Let’s assume scenario 1)

In this scenario, if IFGA-15 might want to turn right and then immediate left into the gate which is a possibility. But as i am ground controller i can’t work with that possibility so i have to make sure and i only have the option to let IFGA-15 turn left.

Let’s assume scenario 2)

In this scenario, even though there’s a possibility that IFGA-15 wants to enter the gate, i am not sure if that might happen or he will turn right. So again i have to make IFGA-15 turn left as i am not sure because if i don’t insturct him to turn left thinking he might end up straight to gate, he might end up nose to nose with Chine Southern 6641.

Let’s assume scenario 3)

In this scenario, we have no problem but again to make them do this we have to give them left turn comnand.

Avoiding all this thinking and constant monitoring, it’s better we give them a not turn on specific side command.

In the above example using just a small IFGA-15 do not turn right message can allow IFGA-15 to turn left or enter the gate straight rather then just turning left even though they might have different choice.

This is not some new thing to be included in Infinite Flight. We already have progressive taxi instructions, so this would be a rather simple addition to our simulator and help ground controller be more specific with their intentions while also keeping more choices for the pilots to choose from.

Main Reason

I have seen people might intend for the straight in gate but due to atc telling them to turn they might turn and again come back after taking a U-turn from some other taxiway to the same gate to which they could have taxied with the do not turn to specific side command for realism.

Thank You so much and i hope this will be put into effect.

I don’t think “do not turn left” is common phraseology in real world aviation…

Don’t we also have “continue straight ahead”? Don’t really see a practical use of a command like this.


I agree…sorry to sound harsh but I believe the “continue ahead” command solves this problem already.

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But how can we give continue straight ahead command without knowing their intentions

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I think that we just have to give it prematurely. For the best intentions.


A pilot should always be aware of his surroundings without ATC having to alert them. ATC doesn’t know where the pilot plans to park his aircraft, but in scenarios like this, it would be better for the pilot to judge their surroundings and act accordingly.

Using the give way command would be another option to avoid any conflicts.


I feel like this causes way too much overcontrolling…should always be the responsibility of the pilot to avoid conflict.

Progressive taxi should be used to organize and deconflict BEFORE conflicts occur. It is not a tool of babysitting.

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When you are controlling busy grounds this command can be good as it specifies which direction pilot should not turn while allowing them to taxi straight and in the other direction at their discretion.

When you are controlling busy ground frequencies, you don’t have the time for that.

Yeah but…how would you get them know when they can turn left again?

Like when we say turn left that doesn’t mean turn left all the coming taxiways. Same happens with this. Meant for the taxiway they are on. Once done it is over.

But then how will pilots know…?

Honestly, the idea just doesn’t make reasonable sense.

But then, won’t we have to give infinite do not turn lefts?

Its like if thunderbolt is holding position on right and i have zinzowe who can turn right and get nose to nose with thunderbolt then simply i can give Do not turn right so that Zinzowe can either continue straight or turn left.

It’s plain common sense not to turn into another aircraft. Honestly, if someone is doing that, they can enjoy a vacation to the training server, complementary, on the house.

IFATC control ground for an efficient and organized airport. We are not here to babysit.


This was my suggestion to make life of ground controllers a little bit more easy as on big hubs if they get nose to nose we don’t have enough space and time for 180. Anyways i rest my case. It’s up on IFC now. Thank You.

If planes are going to get nose to nose with each other, it’s your job to deconflict beforehand using existing progressive taxi, give way, and hold position commands. If an aircraft turns into another, that’s plain incompetency which should be reprimanded. Your example of a hub airport really doesn’t make sense, considering…well…it’s a hub, you have to focus on the bigger picture.

I think what we have is perfectly fine, and these commands just make things way too complicated. If this is happening to you, I’d suggest finding ways to improvise and use all available resources.


So my question to you is when you use the do not turn command, what are you telling them to do? Hold position or continue straight cause those are already commands. Or is there something else you are trying to convey? Sorry I’m a bit unsure of what the command would be used for

IFATC do not and will not force aircraft into specific gates. That’s not within our operating limits.

I am just trying to convey that sometimes controller doesn’t want aircrafts to turn in specific direction sometimes to avoid conflict. So normally we do is give them turn right if other aircraft is on left but in that the aircraft might intend to just go straight but as we gave them turn they turn and due to that their desired taxiway is not given to them. With this command we can give them do not turn right if other aircraft is on right side so that they get option to turn left as well as go straight.