Do not taxi with Beacon lights on?

Today we were testing the carburetor we disassembled and assembled on an engine on my aircraft maintenance class and while taking a look at a trashy looking Cessna 15x on the hanger, I saw it was written that " do not taxi with Beacon on". As far as I know aren’t we supposed to keep the beacon on through start to the stop of the engine?


Yeah, must be specific to the aircraft or something.

I believe the beacon should be on any time the engine is running.


MaxSez: the C-150 was last produced in the late 1970’s. It’s not trashy it’s been rode hard and put away wet. This old timers was an extremely popular trainer when I was a young man. The Placart on the beacon was correct for the period. Times Change.


A true poet, as usual! @Nicholas_L Correct!

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Since the topic is close, never taxi with strobes on! I know that not every player is active on the forum, after all that’s where I learned this fact. I try to pass it on as much as possible, just for the realism aspect.

Only use strobes when you’re entering the runway and in the air. I sometimes use it when I’m on the night setting and I need as much light as possible. But i rarely fly at “night”

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I wonder if a label printed today and stuck on the flight deck would still be sticking around in 2056? I doubt it. Just don’t make 'me like they used to…

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