Do NOT switch to ground until off the runway

As an advanced controller, too often people switch to ground before exiting the runway to request taxi to parking. This makes it impossible for us to issue an exit or back taxi command. Never switch to ground until you have pulled past the hold short line! A couple examples as to why:

Airports with multiple runways:
Often, an exit command involves crossing, or holding short of a runway. This reduces the workload of controllers as we do not have to go to ground to say the same thing. It also reduces the risk of a runway incursion by the aircraft inadvertently crossing a runway without permission.

Airports with a backtaxi:
EGLC is probably the best example for this scenario. After landing on 09, you must pull of to the side of 27. The only way for us to get you to parking, is to issue a backtaxi command. If you switch to ground, we have to tell you to switch back to tower, often wasting the small window that we have, causing more delays for everyone.

So please, for everyone’s sake: stay on the tower frequency until you are past the hold short line and ready to taxi to parking.


May I add not to switch to tower until at the hold short point also. To many times I have to give instructions but they are already on tower.


Bumping this, as I still saw this multiple times while controlling during today’s FNF.

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I have noticed that pilots have been much better about this recently. Thanks everyone!

I’m still seeing pilots contacting ground too early, but it has gotten better!

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Definitely. The XP change is also helping in general. One thing I still notice is people switching to tower without clearance from approach. That makes me really mad. Maybe I’ll make a topic on that.


Guys,another reminder to not contact ground before exiting the runway. Similar episode happened today at JFK 2pm GMT where the aircraft contacted me at 160 knots on the runway. I couldn’t give the exit runway command.


Don’t forget the people who recieve an exit runway and cross runway command and they don’t request permission to cross the runway because they think that the clearance was in their exit runway command.

very important for new pilots in ES

If I get an exit and cross, that’s what I do. Why would I ask to cross when I’ve already been instructed to do so?

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I’m not sure if there will ever be a way of forcing this, pilots still do it and it’s one of the most distracting things to try and deal with when there’s traffic on final.

From the recent update,tower can handle runway crossings just like ground. So runway crossing should no longer be an issue. If a runway cross is needed after landing,it’s safe to be with tower. Previously it was restricted to ground frequency only. But this limitation has been removed,resulting in more efficiency.


MaxSez: You da Man Roy! Always right, good on ya!

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No, if the crossing instruction is in the exit command, you can cross without another request.


@Nicholas_L is right. If tower gives a crossing,then no more requests are necessary. It’s advisable to contact ground,only when you are clear of all runways(including runway crossings). If tower asks to hold short of a runway after landing,tower will give you the cross too. So there’s nothing to worry. Tower will handle you till you are clear of all runways and then feel free to switch to ground. In a nutshell,Stay with tower until you are clear of all runways! Cheers.


Right you are. 👍

got it…kool

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So once I give an exit command for the plane to hold short of the runway, I can then give a separate cross command. Can you point out where this command is?

It’s on the main menu. Yes, if you give a hold short with an exit command, you have to give a separate crossing command.


Wouldn’t that be in the exit command menu as well?