Do Not Stop on Runway and Switch to Ground

I have tried tacking this on to tutorials. I have tried it everywhere. Nothing seems to work.

Never stop in the middle of the runway and contact ground and request taxi to parking.


The exit runway command is “…contact ground when on the taxiway.”

Fairly clear, no? You are blocking traffic. Get off the runway, stop at the hold short line with your tail completely out of the runway, then contact ground.

This should also be done as expeditiously as possible. You should hit the first taxiway you can. Also, you are on the runway. There is no reason you should be taxiing halfway down to an exit ramp at 15 knots. There is traffic trying to depart. There is traffic inbound. Speed up if you need to, but don’t shamble past 5 exits at 12 knots.


What if no-one is behind you? 😉


I always get off the runway as quick as possible clear the hold short line to prevent a runway incursion then I retract flaps, spoilers and contact ground. Many people don’t though so this is needed especially for them.


Also, do not request taxi to parking after you’ve already continued a good ways and are almost at your gate.

Contact at the hold short line. Hold short at the hold short line (hint, hint), then request. There may be traffic around you. Taxi past the hold short line after an affirmative response. (Making sure your tail is out of the runway, of course.)

[The hold short line here might be the second line, the one furthest from the runway. The first is for aircraft going the other way. If your tail is still in the runway at the only HS you see, of course progress a little to get out.]


This also goes if you haven’t been given an exit runway command for any reason. Controllers are human, we make mistakes sometimes.

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FAA regulation prohibits any aircraft from stopping or delaying on any active runway unless told to do so by ATC. You are supposed to contact ground once you are past the threshold lines.

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Yeah, I am great at forgetting to give exit commands


I do it while I’m still moving and reverse thrusting but whoever puts on brakes and completely stops on the runway, that’s just ignorant

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Don’t do that either, important information can be in the exit command.
and if you switch early you may miss it.

Tim. This has been an issue forever. We cannot defeat the idiots without implementing mandatory tests.


This is one of my all time biggest pet peeves on the Expert Server while controlling. Thank you so much for finally bringing this up.

It has been brought up many times and doesn’t change. We need to do something other than just posting on the forum. People who read these posts are the minority of IF users.


Have you tried stomping your feet?

Why not post it on the main page on app?

That’s not possible. 🙄

You don’t have to post just to post something.

Stomping doesn’t work it has been tried as well as many other things.

Only solution will be in-app training and consequences.

No, I mean how they post events.

They could use the same to post things like these.

Oh yeah, I like that idea!

The game app should show random tips during the loading screen.

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What happens if my max speed is 12kts? How do I taxi faster if my aircraft is maxed out already

Ok, I’m struggling with your comment - not sure if you are being serious here. Have you tried tapping on the button that says “break”?