Do not request pushback again with 40 seconds

If there is someone behind you or someone taxiing up to you please don’t request pushback immediately. If we do t each out within 5 minutes okay go for it but other wise be patient please.


Preach 👏! So many people do this.


like everyone is doing that! Nice that you say it now!

This reminds me at Abu Dhabi the other day. Some guy flying a FlyDubai 737 spawned in front of me while I was parking at the gate. Then requested pushback. I’m right behind you…

Preach sir! So many people do this, it needs to stop.

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I swear there was a request for this. I agree, although I usually do start taxing fairly quickly, I make sure I extend the flaps and test my controls before I begin taxing.

There are pros and cons to this, it’s helpful when you’re in a rush to depart yourself, and unhelpful when someone pushes in front of you and takes about 5 minutes to get put of your way…



Spot on Adam!


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