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Hello hello! My name is Pierre-Ramon, and I recently founded France Overseas Virtual Airways or FOVA. This obviously is a virtual airline that does flights in Infinite Flight live, takes screenshots, holds events, posts on social media, and more.

This virtual airline or corporation so to speak consists of Air France, Air Austral, and Air Tahiti Nui. Though FOVA is in no way affiliated with any other VA or the airlines in real life, we use three airlines in one and fly to and fro actual destinations.

I am currently looking for the following:

  **~One assistant** to manage affairs by my side. DM me on IG @monitopower if you meet all requirements and I shall look into it. 
        Requirements for this position include: 
        *-Must have passed the application provided below. (see requirements for pilots.)*
  •        -Must be 13 y/o or older.*
  •        -Must have proper access to social media, and use of any platforms.*
  •        -Must have experience with organizations or affiliations with large communities.* (IFAE or          
          even your school's Student Council.)
    **~PILOTS**. This one is quite obvious, but I am specifically looking for those who can fly for FOVA on a daily basis, is flexible, responsible, and overall someone others can look up to as that is what FOVA is striving to present.
          *-Grade 3 or higher on IF Live.*
  •        -Ability to take adequate screenshot photos for FOVA's IG (@franceosvaoff_if)*
  •        -Ability to be flexible answering questions online and using social media platforms appropriately.*
  •        -Must be able to pass the FOVA test and Application. Rules regarding this application include: *
  •        -Have to finish with at least a 10.50/12.00*
  •        -Can only take tests once every 24 hours. *
  •        -Have reasonable and appropriate answers.*

Application/Test Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/DpgjWJjED3Wrynke2

Failure to meet any of the above requirements as an assistant or pilot with FOVA will result in suspension from the VA. We strictly believe in being patient, humble, well educated, and preserving people who can show examples to those in the aviation community and beyond. Merci.

From France to the world.

-Pierre Ramon
Founder of FOVA

For any further questions, reply below and I’ll pm you, or contact me at @monitopower or the official FOVA account on Instagram. (@franceosvaoff_if)

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Hello, you need firts approval for IFVARB and be member user in IFC

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Thank you for this information! I haven’t been on the community in months, so I was tedious when writing this. I’ll take it down in the meantime :)

sure, Nice VA.

Your are currently not trust lvl 2 and therefor are not allowed to create a VA

Please read this

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Great post, and looks like a snazzy VA!

In the future though, I’d recommend posting it in this thread here which is created by the IFVARB :)

Also, be sure to check out some of this useful info in these threads below about VAs:

See you around Pierre, and I wish you luck with your VA!

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I’m on that right now. Apologies for not knowing all the rules and regulations and I look forward to being more informed.

Hey no probelm, it’s all about learning.

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That’s very helpful of you, I am as of right now on those in fact! ;) Thank you.

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