Do not look at these pictures

Hello, IFC

I hope your week went well :)

Here are my (probably) last pictures of the LFFQ airshow on May 28. These were taken on May 28 at LFFQ during an airshow that happened at LFFQ, on May 28.

An Extra taking off to do some Extra cool aerobatics. Seriously. This guy is insane.

Helicopter aerobatics? Apparently…

Two beauties flying in formation (is the closest one a 2 person plane? Why the window?)

The pinnacle of American comfort

A bit less comfortable

Chem-Tools, a Trojan with a very politically correct livery taking off

The pilots of the Patrouille de France arriving in style in the F-U copter

The Luftwaffe above France

A very funny registration VS. a balloon someone released.

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Thanks for not having a look!

See ya (very) soon with some more pics :)



Amazing pictures!

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I did not look at these pictures, but I can confirm they are great.

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Very good, thanks!

Lovely images

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i love destruction

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I looked at them. I profundly regret doing so.

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I warned you…

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Amazing pics as always!

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Thanks a lot!

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