Do not go to this Area!

Dont go to ICAO:KPSP!

Reason:So I made a flight from KLAX to KPSP… I made it sunny(around 13 or,9) and i am on short final then my plane just doing crazy stuff(going elipsy)

so i cheacked my wifi it was ok but then my plane crashed then when i looked at my wifi it wasgoing crazy too… then i mute my phone (because of the crash sound effect so 30 secons later i spawned at KLAX… It was very scary tho…
so i try not to go to that area

I said the area means it’s also infects the airport (KPSP) too

oh yes it’s also the size of this picture so if it also effect your game please tell me in the comments below

Can you explain further? Crazy stuff can mean all types of things.

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The title does not serve a purpose here, and you should use the #support category for in app issues such as this.

I done a fly around that airport and didn’t notice any problems. Try clearing the scenery cache and check how much free storage your device has.