Do not fly in TS1

My advice aall of you pilots unsure as to what server to head to…ahem cough cough cough…DO NOT FLY IN THE TRAINING SERVER 1!!!
It is an absolute madhouse! I spawned there to see if it was really as bad as people said and I couldn’t believe it. There were ten aircraft taxing to the hold line at KSAN and six of them kept taxing through each other, like a race. They all stopped (somehow) right before the runway but they were all in each other. So when the tower cleared the original guy all ten of them just made a bolt for the runway. Utter chaos. Two of the pilots managed to somehow stall their aircraft and plummet down before they could get into a positive rate. One went up and came back down in a controlled descent and crashed upon impact.
So if you have to go to the training server had to the Training Server 2 where it is considerably less traffic.
Just a word from your friendly 508 pilot :)


Lol at KSAN the controller asked two people to line up and wait and he cleared the one behind to take off.

It isn’t all of of TS1 only SoCal.

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To be fair there were quite a lot of planes in Singapore and KL.

Carribean is alright.


SoCal on training server is ALWAYS a mad house

True, just go expert server, it’s nice and controlled. (If you are grade 3)

Facepalm* lol what in the world…

But with like 50+ waiting to depart and all of them somehow inside another aircraft and ten more in parked mode waiting for pushback…I’m surprised KSAN hasn’t been closed so that the controllers don’t wet themselves (I’m joking of course lol our controllers do an amazing job)

My thread was directed to those who couldn’t get to expert (which is almost as bad as training servers these days :/

Well, actually…I did take off from Ansterdam earlier, messed up and leveled off at about 200 feet, stalled, went into a spin, and crashed…not even to the end of the runway. This was in a 789 lol.

Lol and everyone got it on camera! 😂

I wonder how many people saw?

It doesn’t matter where you are in SoCal. It’s like troll city…😒
9/10 times I rage quit…I just did 5 minutes ago. Controlling ground/tower at KONT. All but 2 players I told to taxi to runway 26L/R (can’t remember which now) and contact tower, just taxied straight on to the runway. The other two did exactly the same, but on the opposite end of the runway. One guy just spawned requested a closed runway and just took off. All this while traffic was incoming as well. And all this happened between a plane calling final and him landing. So 5 minutes maybe? It’s an absolute joke!

I was controlling Schiphol a few days ago and everbody followed instructions. Same as when I controlled Canberra. Seems that SoCal attract the foolish.

If you can’t fly Expert fly TS1…that’s really all you can do. Or go and take two other friends and fly around and report nimrods who takeoff from the gates etc

It’s definitely not even close haha… However I am sending a lot more ppl to “meet the 👻” recently though.

Pray tell how you doing that since not in expert?

I was referring to when he compared the expert server to the training server.

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Yeah let’s not encourage vigilante posse. That’s what inflight mods are for.

I know, a lot crazy pilot was there just to gain exp.

Not to mention pilot, even ATC also crazy and simply approve this and that. They even made the runway become 2 way.