Do not buy the Mate 30pro

The latest Mate 30pro from Huawei will not be shipping with Android OS (Google). The device will not have Google play and YouTube. No Chrome or any programs made by Google.

The apk from Google’s website has been blocked. The only way I’m guessing would be to jail break the phone but that not recommended.

This means infinite flight will not be available on your device and possibly future Huawei devices.

Watch more here:

I would have put this in the device compatibility thread but it’s been closed

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Interesting, why not? I don’t play if on phones anyway because of the small screen, only iPads and tablets


@TimShan05 Huawei is moving their devices to their own OS (operating system) probably so they don’t have to go through the ban again if it happens

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No it is not necessary to root the device. Huawei confirmed the bootloader will be unlocked, so you can install Google services by your self.

The issue is that US government doesn’t allow Google to cooperate with Huawei.
With the unlocked bootloader they ‘solved’ this.

However, it will be not a plug and play device if you need Google services.

Cool, thanks!

Please note that we may not be able to supported rooted devices.