Do most pilots use auto land

The title is basically my question. Do most pilots use auto land? Under what circumstances do pilots use auto land?


I don’t use auto land unless it’s foggy conditions where I can’t see the runway


I never use APPR mainly because I like to practice landing the plane myself and in my opinion there is no point to use APPR, it’s harder to butter with APPR.


Pretty much the same for me.

Unfortunately I do not use APPR to land on a ILS
Because I like landing my plane

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Landing on auto land is usually harder than ILS landing. That is why I prefer manual landing with ILS. Which helps to perform better landing :)

I totally agree

I use APPR to set up the approach and turn it off at around 6 Nm from the runway


Ok. And also do u turn off auto brakes after takeoff or keep them on the whole flight?

I use it but I disable it at 1000’ AGL because of recommendations from my VA

I never use it even during foggy conditions I just set the ils And fly the ball down to the runway

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I do only on the a330, a350, and 757

Only time I’ve used autoland is when I was landing at KDCA with 0 visibility. Couldn’t see the runway until I was at 100-ish feet. I still use APPR but I disconnect it on short final and land manually.

I use APPR till 1500ft AGL or 1000ft AGL that way the plane is exactly in the middle and I can take control to land the plane my self.

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Are you referring to Infinite Flight or IRL?

Nope. Fly manually all the way! I never use APPR. Whats the fun innit? :D

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I don’t even know how to use it lol


Only once IRL as a passenger do I remember not being able to see anything through the window when the wheels touched down (SFO B7474). I leave auto land on for such occasions. Out of sheer guilt I find myself taking manual control almost always at the end of flight when I can see the runway.

But I like the sense of fun in @Ethan_Brown and @IF_Hadi reply


so how do you land, just with speed and Hdg/LNAV1 on AP?

If I can’t see the runway I’ll set up the plane to auto land