Do Mods just spawn at airports for a while to spectate?

So, I will spawn in at an airport and there’ll be a Mod spawned at a gate. I’ll do my FPL, get fuel and taxi to the runway, whilst they’re still there at the gate.

I’m wondering if the moderators sometimes spawn in so people behave because they think, “oh, I’d better be good, there’s a mod over there”. If this is the case, it’s kinda smart actually and probably does make people listen to instructions. Any thoughts?


Well it’s good question, just moderators can answer this… :)
In my opinion, they don’t do that, they don’t have many time to do that, they just stay on the gate preparing the flight and obviously watching the around, if they watch something strange they can notify to the pilot.

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The moderator is there to observe the airport and can ghost people too if they do something stupid if the ATC misses it

Yeah this is probably what they are doing

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I bet they do sometimes, but I’m almost sure that they’ll be flying too 🙂

I don’t think the mods will give away their secrets that easy 😜


Well yes, it’s a good deterrent. Keeps the kiddos in check lol. Even if they’re not doing server enforcement, so what if they sit at the gate for a long time? Maybe they’re doing something else or are simply AFK. Nothing to see here. Keep it moving.

What do you when you see a cop driving behind you on the road? Surely you won’t overspeed and run stop signs.


Oh no causal sever memories with two year old kids flying A380s AAAAAA.

The mods do that so peeps don’t be stupid and the atc misses it. And please read this: Point Of Order: When it's answered, it's answered..

I was once accused by ol’ Deer of being to close to the aircraft in front of me


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I think they spawn in a gate and become AFK to trick people into thinking they are being watched. They probably don’t have enough time to watch people all day, as they got many things to do on the fourm.

That is just what i think. Please bear in mind that I could be wrong.

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Oh you’d be surprised sometimes @Miguel_Ortiz

I know I spawn just to observe people at airports. I’m sure they do the same to have an authority presence there.

I know that IFATC spawn to look at how the airport is configured before they open up.

We like to fly just like everyone else. Sometimes it takes time to get the flight plan and everything ready.

Still a grade 3…


Some times I’m lucky and I see some mods spawning now like Laura or jasonrosewell sometimes Misha most of the times they’re working on live coding or using it for an IF photo

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oh okay, i was just wondering @Chris_S

I’ve seen some mods such as @anon66442947 spectate and ghost rogue pilots. Btw thanks you for the help at LSZH a few FNFs ago.

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In any case in my opinion, the mods and the devs do like all the other pilots ie, they appear in the airport open by a ATC, they make their preparations for their flights, and if they are not busy, they take advantage to observe the airport and the behavior of the players it is normal.
For my part, that there are mods and devs or not, it will not stop me from playing because I have nothing to fear, those who are afraid of them, know that they do not respect the rules.

Come on, how long does it take to make the flight plan KJFK-EGLL? It’s only two waypoints.