Do METARs Apply Nearing Fields Under Current Weather Issues?

Hi guys

Since metar looks keep working, i just think about the fact that when you are close to an « metared » airport, the wind information will be set to actual wind conditions inflight.

So that means that if we make a low pass over an airport (per ex.: 120 at 4kt) with 100kts wind, does the flying wind will descent from 100 to 4 and allow us to make a landing in correct conditions ?

(Second example : flying now with broken wind info stuck at 171@93kt and LSGG metar says 260@6kt, does the stucked 93kt wind will reduce to 6kt after catching metar info)

Weather altogether has been currently disabled so that the devs can work to find a fix without us nagging them.

Huh, you might be right. Last metar available for my destination was established 2 hours ago. So it’s not the real time one, but it’s 6 kts, and still better than 93kts. This is the point of what i say. That was a tip for us pilots, not regarding developers side.

So at this time, i deducted that, metar is not updating (it’s logical with the IF weather side down, but once again, i wasn’t talking about weather update, but the fact that apparently, i’ve read & experienced that when you are approaching an airport but without wind update, you will have your wind changed to metar’s one. I may be confirm in ~30 minutes if it works.

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