Do longer flights have higher risk of app crashing?

Hey guys,

I just wanted to know if longer flights directly contribute to app crashes, or if app crashes only mainly result from devices being unable to handle high graphics, etc.

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Game crashes happen to all us unfortunately at random times every now and then. Sometimes it could be a device issue, and other times it could be out of your control. Myself and other IFATC members experience game crashes from time to time while controlling, but we can just jump back in. Longer flights don’t necessarily always cause game crashes, there’s just a greater chance of it happening, however you should be just fine if your device runs smoothly.


Oh i see, thanks a lot!


Every minute, there is a chance that the app will crash. The more minutes, the higher the chance of a crash. But there are certain strategies to reduce that risk, such as turning down the graphics, keeping the camera pointed down in the cockpit during cruise so your device doesn’t have to keep rendering scenery, etc. And it’s all so random— unless your device crashes every hour, don’t be discouraged from doing long flights.


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