Do lights really matter?

So right now I am at KMCO. I’ve seen a British airways 777 with strobes on the taxiway and a southwest 737 with no strobes on the taxiway. Why is this?

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You sure she has storbes on?

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He is Winging it…


My last easy jet flight from Schipol forgot to put the strobes on as he crossed one runway and then began the take off roll. He remembered when we were about 10 seconds off the ground.

Let me check my ppl books again.

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Well it’s not like he went rouge and didn’t follow atc instructions so I doubt it

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Did he turn them on when in the air or did you notice them in the air? Make sure of that, too. My flight last night turned their strobes off for taxi after we landed, but once I got off the plane, they turned them back on at the gate. I assumed they were checking to make sure they worked.

Yeah, crossed first runway had them on, back off down taxiway and then crossed next runway but failed to put them back on for take off roll as well. Seems it comes down to good airmanship and company SOP

Yeah. I’ve heard two things about strobes.
I. They are Mandatory to put on when ever
a) in the air
b) crossings a runway
c) taking off/landing on a runway

II. While in flight, taking off, landing and as a courtesy to other pilots when crossing runways

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I guess they don’t turn on strobes when no planes are on final. I don’t know about the British airways 777-200ER.

The newer A320 series jets have a function where the strobes can come on automatically once the wheels are off the ground. It’s quite cool. Video below - watch for the strobes right after rotation.

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There weren’t any a320s so I didn’t get to see :(

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All I can find PPL wise is “the lights must be operated for the particular class of aircraft”

Night is non optional.

All I know is I turn on strobes IRL for entering runway and at all times in flight and landing lights upto about 1000/1500 whenever stabilised.

Sometimes they were still on on when they were at the gate. They probably just forgot about it. It’s not a big deal.

I have all my lights on at all time, it’s not realistic but it works best for me as I usually forget to turn them back on

There was a tutorial about lights a while back on the forum. Basically, I turn strobes on when I’m in the air or on/crossing a runway — never on a taxiway (However, I think someone mentioned GA planes might turn them on while taxiing to attract extra attention from jet pilots who may not see them as easily). Landing lights (in place of taxi lights) right after taxi clearance to 9000 ft, then 9000 ft to just before the final turn into the gate. Nav and beacon are on throughout. I combined all this from what I’ve read…

The indications of on/off for strobe lights are in every aircraft’s checklist soo that clears it up

This is NOT a tutorial or anything else. This is just what I saw at the airport.

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