Do Joystick work for IF

Do joysticks work still for the iPad? If so what one do you use?

Joysticks do work on devices but you will need a PC to make it work.
Such as LiveFlight, it has been discontinued and only works on Windows since it has been off of the Mac Store.

I use the Extreme 3D Pro Sidestick

The Link I shown above is Liveflight and can help you get started with the Joystick connection.

Will the Extreme 3D pro work with an Android tab (S7+) with an OTG cable?

Tried messaging Logitech support but did not get a proper reply.

I use IOS if you have some cable that can connect the USB Joystick to the Phone (which will only work for android), then it will work I believe. Im not 100% sure btw

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