Do Jetty's move in the beta? Or do they not?

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I noticed, an image on my insta that displayed the jetty positioned itself in front of the first class cabin door (main) and a secondary door behind first class (main aircraft entrance). I forgot exact door numbers for the A350 so someone has to help me out on that one haha - But I saw it. However, it made me confused to if that is automatic, manual (like a button), or not in the beta/game. I do not have 21.1 beta so I don’t know for sure so can someone help me out? Haha - Thanks IFC!


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No animations of buildings and ground vehicles are not present in 21.1.

They will be in the future though.

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No, in v1 of 21.1 everything is static (won’t be moving) This was also mentioned in the blog post Q&A for 21.1

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Ah ok, thanks. One question, how is the beta?

I meant in* I didn’t catch it the first time. I cannot answer this question however, head over to the 21.1 post pinned on the forum, read through what has been said, and you could get a feel for how it is going

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Ah ok, thanks. I’ll do tomorrow because it’s almost 2am haha.


The beta is great - the occasional bug but its really really good.

The beta works fine for me, it does get the device hot a little bit, it does get a little glitchy in the map but nothing major. I’ve included pics from my experience in the beta


See the jetty’s are attached to the AA 777 right there at bottom for example. How do you pushback if that is still there? It has to move lol.

No thats just the plane parked way off the center line to “connect” to the jet bridges

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As said by @Claudio that is how users are parking to make it look like the jet bridge is connected to the aircraft. In fact, I forgot to mention this to you @AviatorMan. IF has a goal to have animated moving objects in the sim, it just won’t be this update sadly :(

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They currently don’t move.